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Emoticons In The Modern Technological World

It seems like there are emoticons for every kind of expression,
and many messages can be communicated solely using emoticons.
You may be wondering what emoticons are, and if you are
confused, you have some catching up to do when it comes to modern
electronic communication. Emoticons are actually quite easy to
understand, however.

Emoticons are simply typed combinations of
letters and symbols that resemble human facial expressions. The
most well-known of these expressions is the smiley face, though
sad faces and smirks can be represented, as well. In fact,
emoticons are able to express any emotion or feeling as long
as the typist is creative with their keys.

The first emoticons
were not called by that name. In fact, when they first appeared,
they had no name to describe them. They first appeared as
humorous, theoretical expressions that took advantage of the
printing press' ability to move type into different settings.
You may be surprised that this actually took place in the 19th
century, over 100 years prior to the widespread use of the internet.
They did not have a practical application at that time, however,
and were forgotten about for many years. It was not until the great
internet explosion in the mid 1990s that the usage of emoticons
spread like wildfire.

If you are confused by emoticons in messages
that you have received, you are not alone. Older generations are
not as familiar with the great changes in technology that have
taken place over the last decades. These expressions are changing
all the time, and it can be difficult to keep up. Also, some of
them are much more difficult to translate than others. The good
news is that emoticons are easily looked up if you have access
to the internet, or access to a teenager or college student.